AkzoNobel is a global high-performance paint and coating manufacturer based in the Netherlands. Since 1792, it has continued to shape the future of the coating industry through its innovations. We come across AkzoNobel products everywhere from boats to buildings, vehicles to planes, and from phones to walls and wood. 

AkzoNobel’s primary objective is to add a distinct personality to all surfaces on which its products are applied. It is ambitious in coming up with new ideas and developing sustainable solutions for its customers. Thus, each of the 47,000 employees of AkzoNobel, serving in more than 80 countries, adheres to perfectionism. 

Business Principles

AkzoNobel’s business principles have been established on its own values. Our objective in each region where we operate and in each action that we perform is to constitute the highest performance and behavior standards.

Our Responsibilities

We have devoted ourselves to establishing long-term values for our customers, shareholders, employees, and society. We act with the consciousness that constituting sustainable revenues is the prerequisite for the ability to make leaps in our activities while ensuring improvement.

AkzoNobel has designated the success of its customers as its primary objective focusing on actualizing this goal. It is aware that it is required to offer its customers quality products and quality service at fair prices in order to achieve its objective. AkzoNobel adopts as a principle the fact that quality products are only possible by conforming to the standards for health, safety, and environment.

AkzoNobel intends its shareholders to obtain competitive profits in consideration of the investments they make, and endeavors to fulfill this responsibility.

Our employees deserve to work in safe and healthy conditions in a nice environment. We are aware that our responsibility is to select the most suitable personnel for the work to be performed and to encourage our personnel to ensure their personal and professional improvement. In addition, we also act with the responsibility of taking a stand against child abuse and maltreatment.

AkzoNobel acts in order to ensure social responsibility awareness and sustainable development. We base our activities on conformance with the laws of the countries of operation while giving utmost importance to constituting health, safety, and environmental standards by respecting fundamental human rights.

Free Enterprise

AkzoNobel supports free enterprise and fair competition. It aims to meet its customers' requirements faster, better, and more exclusively compared to its competitors. For that reason, it competes in a strong but fair manner within the framework of the codes of competition.

Sincerity in Business

AkzoNobel is insistent on being sincere and fair in its commercial activities.

  • Bribery and all acts against business ethics have been absolutely prohibited.
  • We intend to abstain from any conflicts of interest.
  • Business activities are recorded, and they are always available for all kinds of inspections. 

Social Activities

We encourage our employees to participate in social activities as long as they do not cause a conflict of interest. AkzoNobel subsidiaries do not make any donations to political parties, or to political party institutions, branches or representation offices.  


AkzoNobel aspires to establish fact-based and timely communication except for issues requiring a high level of privacy.