In order to conduct a more effective summer internship program, we are preparing a 3-month project-based program through Project Based Internship Program for 3rd and 4th year university students planning an internship at our company during the summer period through. 

We establish vacancies every year in our company for potential recruitments and the projects that will be put into effect after which we conduct various elimination and interview processes (resume elimination, phone interviews, English examination, case study) to direct the successful students towards different projects and departments based on their competence and level of knowledge. 

With this implementation, we aim to ensure that the interns experience a more effective and result-oriented experience both for themselves and our company. We expect our interns to consider this process as a professional and social development opportunity. It is also among our objectives to discover the potential profile of new graduates along with new talents for future recruitment opportunities. 

Internship responsible pre-assigned for each department during the internship period guide the interns throughout their internships. In addition, the mentors appointed by executives meet with the interns at certain periods to interact with them on various subjects such as career planning and professional life. All our project interns receive payment, accommodation, and transportation amenities.