In line with the importance we attach to human resources, we see our employees as our most valuable asset. We adopt continuous improvement activities in our human resources processes, which we carry out by keeping open communication, instant feedback and agility concepts in our relations with our employees. Our goal is to create a positive work environment where we have the most talented employees. 

We make sure that every individual we bring to our family has the right talents who share our company culture and values. Success stories; We believe that it was written together with employees who are distinguished by their talent and knowledge level and focus on development in their field of expertise, and we grow our brand and our employees together. In line with our values and corporate culture; 

We manage all our HR processes such as recruitment, talent management, career management, training and development programs, taking into account the competencies required by the job, employee potential and current performance. To be a part of the AkzoNobel Kemipol family, you can access all our open positions on our Career Portal and apply.

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