We provide summer internship opportunities each year to a limited number of university students from various departments. 
The requirements for candidates to be considered within the scope of the internship program are having an obligation for internship, being insured by the educational institution as required by the law numbered 5510 and the full payment of the insurance premium. 

Internship Application and Evaluation Process 

Internship applications are made through the internship applications link at our website as required by LPPD (Law on the Protection of Personal Data). 

Following a pre-evaluation of the incoming applications, phone interviews are conducted with intern candidates meeting the required criteria. Evaluations and placements are made during the selection process based on several conditions such as whether the internship is obligatory or not, the grade point average of the student, whether the insurance will be covered by the educational institution as well as expectations and demands from the internship department. 

All students are evaluated and followed up by the manager of the related department and the Human Resources department following the internship period.