We aspire to anticipate the solutions that our customers as well as the society and the environment that we live in shall require in the future, and as a result to be the most preferred brand in the sector. 


We are adopting a customer-oriented service understanding in all our organizations.
We are continuously improving our manpower and other resources in order to be the fastest and most innovative in the development of production and application technologies. 
We are developing solutions that will enable the continuous and timely supply of all our products. 
We are striving to plan and actualize our operations considering the requirements of our customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, as well as the society and environment. 



Work Ethics

Meeting high moral standards at all stages of our work and abiding by the related laws and rules. 

Customer Orientation

Training our teams not to make the customers believe they are important but to believe in this from the start and to keep the concept of “customer orientation” alive as one of the primary factors that comprise the company culture. 

Empathy Skill

Understanding the emotions and perspectives of others and to effectively pay attention to their concerns. Using this skill to better perceive and meet the requests and demands of our customers. Using this approach to rapidly grasp the organization agenda, decision networks and politics at the organizational level. 


Establishing and sustaining a network of relations that serves mutual goals. 

Responsibility Awareness

Ensuring that the individuals in the team are fully aware of their responsibilities towards the customers, the company and to each other while enabling them to fulfil their duties in a timely and desired manner. 

Health, Safety and Environment Awareness

Minimizing our impact on nature and striving to create a healthier work environment. 

Dynamic Quality Understanding 

Quality is a dynamic concept. Because the expectations of people increase as they are met. A product that was of high quality several years ago can be ordinary today and outdated tomorrow. The real problem regarding changes in quality dynamics is to provide this dynamism and to meet the changing demands and requests of the sector in a timely manner. 

As one of the leading coating manufacturers of Turkey, we have been serving brands that sustain their global presence since the 1980's. We are renewed every day without any compromise from our understanding of quality and we continue our efforts to provide a better service every day to ensure the sustainability of our “Dynamic Quality” understanding. 

What sets us apart in the sector is not only creating sustainable quality but our philosophy to present quality. In this regard, we position ourselves as “accessible” thus serving as a major solution partner at all times of need for our customers.