We consider product liability not only as a part of the legislation but also as a complementary element of our business strategy. We periodically review our objectives that have been determined on the basis of risk assessment and legislative harmonization. The following functions stand out among our product liability practices: 

  • Research
  • Sales and marketing
  • Technical service
  • Legislative harmonization
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Procurement
  • Shipment

Sustainable Products

  • AkzoNobel Kemipol develops and offers products having a minimum risk to its employees, customers, society and nature, as well as having superior technical and economic performance.
  • We design lead-free products that will take the place of those with lead, products that may be implemented with lower energy consumption in a shorter time frame, and high value-added products. 
  • ASupports water-based product design and usage.

Preserving the Environment and the People

REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 has imposed new obligations on companies like us that export products to EU and EEA-EFTA countries or that provide services for export. We give utmost importance to this regulation due to its contribution to the preservation of human health and the environment and its objective of decreasing animal testing. 

Our suppliers are responsible from registering the substances that we export, and these procedures are followed-up by us. We encourage responsible handling of the chemicals, safe production of our products, their safe dispatch in the supply chain, and their safe usage by our customers. 

The improvements in the regulation are always being followed-up from the official website of European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). In this context, we are also continuously following-up the “The Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)” published by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), the “List of Substances Subject to Authorization (Annex XIV)” published within the scope of the regulation, the “List of Restrictions (Annex XVII)”, and the additions and updates made to these.



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