As a member of the AkzoNobel Group, the largest coating producer in the world, we are carrying out our activities in the fields of wood, coil, vehicle refinish and plastic coatings. The products designed by us are produced by our strategic partner Kansai Altan and other companies that are part of the AkzoNobel Group thus providing our customers with the products they need. 

We value long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, as well as customer-oriented thinking. We are assisting our customers in improving their processes and assessing their feedback meticulously. We are aware that our future will only be guaranteed with products and services that increase the success of our customers.

We provide our employees with the required training based on the notion that customer expectations can only be met through the utilization of a conscious workforce. We encourage our employees to make suggestions for the improvement of the products, processes, and services. We measure the performance of processes in our quality management system and strive to improve them. We ensure that our quality management system is in compliance with ISO 9001. 

We will continue our efforts to be an establishment that our customers have confidence in and one that they primarily prefer. 


ISO 9001