As AkzoNobel Kemipol A.Ş. with the awareness of a responsible company, we believe that participation in society and business life with equal opportunities is extremely important for sustainable development, economic and socio-cultural development. Under the umbrella of this belief, it is one of our sustainability goals to have an inclusive culture that shall ensure that all our current and future colleagues shall have equal opportunities, regardless of age, gender, ethnic/national origin, religion, disability, marital status. We believe that the riches created by the combination of the unique characteristics of each individual is one of the greatest forces that shall carry us to the future. 

We aim to consolidate the steps we have been taking for a long time through a committee that shall be established this year and to transform our culture of diversity, equality and inclusion into a living organism. We believe that our employees can reveal their full potential thanks to this working environment that we offer. 

In AkzoNobel Kemipol, we evaluate our policies in this direction in the following areas and carry out all our business processes in parallel with said policies. 

  • Gender-Free Work and Leadership
  • Equal Opportunities and Wages 
  • Communication and Culture of Inclusiveness

Our Vision and Commitments

  • We embrace and support our role in our contribution to employment with an approach of social diversity, equality and inclusiveness.
  • As of today, while 31% of the total number of employees are females, the percentage of White-Collar Female Employees is 32% and the percentage of Female Employees in the Research and Development Center is 57%. We are taking steps to increase the number of our Female Employees and Leaders at all levels and positions.
  • We are using In-House Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanisms.
  • As company employees, we put forth an inclusive and equalitarian attitude in all departments of the company.