We are incorporating our R&D culture into all our fields of activity for the benefit of our customers, stakeholders, employees, and all living beings in the ecosystem.

Providing more sustainable products to humanity and reducing the adverse impacts on our planet are among the primary duties of our R&D Center.  We develop new products and designs in our laboratories based on the demands of our customers while pioneering technological advancements.  We develop projects within the framework of COOP agreements in cooperation with universities and various R&D and technology centers in the industry.

We have four laboratories and one color lab as part of our R&D Center. We strive to provide our customers the highest quality products, the best service concept, and the most competitive prices in our fields of activity. We are responding to the demands as fast as possible via our strong distribution network throughout the country.

  • Wood Coatings R&D Laboratory 
  • Coil Coatings R&D Laboratory for
  • General Industrial Plastic Coatings R&D Laboratory 
  • Car Refinishes R&D Laboratory 
  • Color R&D Laboratory 

Some of our main activities are;

  • New product development
  • Product improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Cost-down operations
  • New and/or alternative raw material studies 
  • Troubleshooting in coating production 
  • Troubleshooting in customer lines 
  • Cooperation with other R&D laboratories
  • Other various technical support activities

Wood Coatings R&D Laboratory

We are actualizing new product designs conforming to customers’ demands and application conditions. The “Wood Application Center,” existing within our laboratory, is providing service of a quality that will cover all the application conditions by which market expectations are met. At our Application Center, we are performing different coating applications via curtains, cylinders, automatic spraying machines, and UV, IR and conventional ovens with high simulation capacity. 

Coil Coatings R&D Laboratory

We are continuing to develop and improve functional coatings in order to provide unique features for metal surfaces during final use in white goods, agricultural applications, and other commercial applications. While our easy-to-clean products provide clean surfaces for a longer period, our antimicrobial coatings provide healthier surfaces by preventing microbial growth. Our products with special effects also provide an aesthetic appearance as well as protection. Our wrinkle and soft touch products are adding a nice texture to the surfaces, and our printed coatings enable unique designs in building elements through effects such as wood, marble, bronze, etc. Thanks to our projects focusing on low energy consumption, we are aiming to decrease the energy consumption along the service life of products by way of cool technology solutions during application with thinner coatings.

General Industrial Plastic Coatings R&D Laboratory

We are aiming to design all coating systems used in small home appliances, cookware, white goods sector, and bakelite surfaces in addition to continuously improving our already existing products.

In our R&D Laboratories, we work with water-based and solvent-based products in a manner that will respond to the needs of our customers in the fastest way possible.

We are involved in product design and improvement activities that ensure customer satisfaction, direct the market with new technologies while giving priority to quality. We visit our customers together with our competent and experienced technical staff, and we continuously support and improve them through tests and training. 

Vehicle Refinishes R&D Laboratory

Our İzmir Kemalpaşa plant is home to one of the training centers of AkzoNobel Kemipol providing support to professionals in the vehicle refinish sector from all over the world. At the Automotive Training Center (ATC), we provide technical training on products and systems, application, color, 3-coat system, patch repair etc. for vehicle refinishes users from all over Turkey. 

Color R&D Laboratory 

We are a support laboratory that can meet the new color demands of the construction firms and white goods manufacturers, which produce projects continuously and whose project durations are short. We also produce solutions that ensure the continuity of the line by correcting the color when color differences occur due to shifts in line conditions. As the AkzoNobel Kemipol Color Research Laboratory, we determine the necessary resources to meet the color demands on short notice, aim to manage and improve these resources correctly, and contribute to the preservation of the competitive position in the sector by carrying out innovative research projects.