Business Unit : Wood Coatings
Sector : Interior Wood Coatings
Area of Usage : Home & Office Furniture, Bathroom & Kitchen Cabinets, Solid Wood Furniture, Tables & Chairs, Baby and Kids Rooms, Hotel, Project, Restaurant, Café, Hospital, Doors
Surface Information : Primer coated MDF
Product Group : Topcoat
Product Chemistry : Nitrocellulose
Application Recommendations : The product can be applied with conventional spray gun. It can be applied to all kinds of veenered and MDF surfaces of furnitures for indoor use, after polyurethane or unsaturated polyester primer application. The product is for industrial use. Before starting industrial use, trial application is recommended.
Product Detail :

Colors available:
(MH2329) Bronze
(MG109) Glossy Aluminum
(MA2491) Gold Glitter
(MA2156) Metallic Silver
(MG2445) Silver Glitter 
(MA2812) Copper Glitter 
(A534) Ozide Yellow
(H344) ALight Brown
(H485) Latte 
(B2049) Beige
(K575) Deep Red
(M501) Blue
(H2098) Brown
(H2275) Reddish Brown
(K2569) Dodge Red
(K2685) Orange 
(M519) Police Blue
(M978) Lacivert
(A2249) Light Yellow
(K2846) Maroon 
(K833) Cherry
(Y2769) Grass Green