Business Unit : Wood Coatings
Sector : Interior Wood Coatings
Area of Usage : Home & Office Furniture, Bathroom & Kitchen Cabinets, Solid Wood Furniture, Tables & Chairs, Baby and Kids Rooms, Hotel, Project, Restaurant, Café, Hospital, Doors
Surface Information : Clear sealer coated, veneered MDF or primer+basecoat coated MDF panels
Product Group : Varnish
Product Chemistry : Polyurethane
Application Recommendations : The product can be applied with conventional spray gun.It can be applied as a clear topcoat on cellulosic, polyurethane, polyester sealer or basecoat on all kinds of solid and veneered wooden surfaces of interior furniture. The product is for industrial use. Before starting industrial use, trial application is recommended. It is used with (BB159Z100) SURPLUS Polyurethane Clear Topcoat Hardener - High Gloss
Product Detail : Two component polyurethane based glossy clear topcoat. Owing to its polyurethane structure, it forms films that are physically hard and resistant to water, detergent, and household chemicals. Short polish time and very fast curing properties enable high efficiency and faster production. The dry film formed has high scratch resistance and mechanical strength. It can be applied on veneered or solid wood substrates for indoor use, after application of polyurethane or UPE sealer. The product is for industrial usage. Before starting the industrial usage, trial application is recommended.