Business Unit : Wood Coatings
Sector : Exterior Wood Coatings
Area of Usage : Exterior Joinery and Pergola, Picket Fence
Surface Information : Solid wood
Product Group : Varnish
Product Chemistry : Acrylic
Application Recommendations : It is applied by spray or brush.
Product Detail :

Waterthinnable, translucent, satin gloss mid and top coat for wooden constructions with good UV protection, exterior and interior. - easy to apply - good weather resistance - tested according to DIN EN 71 Part 3 "Safety of toys. Note: Medium to highly pigmented translucent colours are more weather-resistant than low pigmented colours. Colourless coatings are not suitable for outdoor use.

Color and Gloss levels available:
(Z952) Matt, Clear
(Z965) Satinmatt, Clear
(A6036) Yellow
(H6039) Hazelnut
(H4048) Dark Burma
(K5007) Reddish Chestnut
(A5048) Pine
(A6017) Yellow Pine 
(Y4018) Dark Green
(B6068) White
(M8078) Aegean Blue