Business Unit : Wood Coatings
Sector : Interior Wood Coatings
Area of Usage : Home & Office Furniture, Bathroom & Kitchen Cabinets, Solid Wood Furniture, Tables & Chairs, Baby and Kids Rooms, Hotel, Project, Restaurant, Café, Hospital, Doors
Surface Information : Veneered MDF and solid wood
Product Group : Varnish
Product Chemistry : UV Curable
Application Recommendations : It is designed for use in Automatic Spray machine. For usage details, please contact the Technical Service Team. It is used with BB40Z048.
Product Detail : UV and hardener curable dual cure sealer, containing acrylate oligomers, designed for spray application. Having a dual cure mechanism allows a safer approach in terms of curing and adhesion to the substrate. It can be applied veneered MDF or solid wood. Depending on the substrate It is advised to be applied at 30-80 g/m2 rate (one-coat).