Business Unit : Wood Coatings
Sector : Interior Wood Coatings
Area of Usage : Home & Office Furniture, Bathroom & Kitchen Cabinets, Solid Wood Furniture, Tables & Chairs, Baby and Kids Rooms, Hotel, Project, Restaurant, Café, Hospital, Doors
Surface Information : Raw MDF and solid wood
Product Group : Primer
Product Chemistry : Acrylic
Application Recommendations : The product can be applied with conventional spray gun. Application and drying should not be done at temperatures lower than 15 C. Intermediate sanding is required. If more than 24 hours have passed since the application, the surface should be carefully sanded again. It must be tested before starting industrial use. It is used with the hardener (5053819) (PUR5085).
Product Detail : Solvent-borne, white, very well filling 2K insulation filler, which is well sandable after drying. It is also suitable as primer coat on critical substrates like aluminum, various plastic materials, ceramics, iron and steel. As adhesive primer coat, it should be thinned with 25% thinner and applied as one layer.